Emma Saville is a memorable singer/songwriter based between London & Sheffield, UK, with a combined following of over 28K. She has performed across the UK, & in Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Cuba, Australia & New Zealand. Emma’s music has been streamed millions of times in 143 countries.

Having relaunched as an independent artist in December 2020, her soulful, R&B power ballads & “hip hop-soul fusion” tracks have received positive global acclaim.

Combining thought-provoking lyrics, emotive storytelling & “breathtakingly beautiful vocals”, Emma creates music that “moves the head, heart & feet”. She aims to articulate emotions through her songs that cannot be expressed by words alone.

Emma’s best known for her single, Be as One. Produced by MinusBlue, the original song & several remixes are on over 200 compilations worldwide, with over 6 million combined streams on YouTube & 2 million on Spotify [18 March 2022].

Emma writes empowering songs about love, loss & overcoming life’s obstacles. With her Greek / Italian roots & myriad of musical influences, Emma’s sultry music is a rich blend of soul, hiphop & R&B, with folk & Latin influences.

Having fallen in & out of love three (possibly four) times, survived three car accidents, dengue fever/Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome & multiple bereavements, moved city seven times & moved country an additional three times, Emma has plenty to write about.

Emma has worked with a variety of musicians & producers throughout Europe & internationally. She sings a wide range of musical genres, & plays the ukulele, guitar, piano & clarinet.

Having lived in Latin America for 3 years (mainly in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica & Cuba), Emma speaks/sings excellent Spanish & Portuguese.

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Be The Change (21/06/2022)
Ghosts (19/05/2022)
Hold On (21/04/2022)
Here & Now Unplugged (21/03/2022)
Here & Now (08/12/2021)
What If (01/11/2021)
Not Forgetting (23/09/2021)
Through The Storm (19/08/2021)
Love Wasn’t Enough (14/07/21)
Ontem (04/06/2021)
Nostalgia (04/05/21)
Saudade (26/01/2021)
Saudade Unplugged (18/01/2021)
Out The Door (08/12/2020)

Clear Blue Eyes, Minusblue (2012, Mustard Music Publishing Ltd): Be as One, Ocean SkyClose Your EyesSouvenir, Sweet HarmonyIn Your Arms
– Living Life in Phases, Minusblue (March 2013, Seamless Recordings): Breathe & Watching the Sky
Through The Storm, (retrospective album of 10 singles released 08/12/2020-08/12/2021)

Emma’s music career began at a young age, when she wrote & performed, Be as One, produced by MinusBlue. This highly successful track & 5 others (Ocean Sky, Close Your Eyes, Souvenir, Sweet Harmony & In Your Arms) were incorporated into MinusBlue’s first album, Clear Blue Eyes.

The album went on to feature highly in many downtempo charts & has been successful on Spotify, iTunes & YouTube, with millions of streams to date. Clear Blue Eyes also features Just One Day by platinum-winning artist, Sarah Jay Hawley.

Clear Blue Eyes was signed by Mustard Music Publishing Ltd in 2012 & is available from Apple Music / iTunes, Amazon & other outlets.

The second MinusBlue album, Living Life in Phases was signed to Seamless Recordings & released in March 2013. On this album Saville wrote & sang Breathe & Watching the Sky.

All singles are available on all streaming platforms.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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Extended Bio

Prior to writing Be as One”, Emma sang with a local Sheffield-based choir headed up by Head of Performing Arts & Choral Coordinator, Andrew Nimmo. She performed the lead in the opera, Brundibár, & appeared in several musicals at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, UK. Emma later received jazz vocal coaching from British singer/songwriter, Sally Doherty.

Between 2012 & 2016, Emma was one of the lead singers of Orquesta Estelar, one of the hottest Latin bands in London, UK:

Orquesta Estelar bring their energy & live brilliance to a range of gigs across the UK with a dazzling array of percussion, horns, flutes, guitars, vocals & strings.”

This spectacular Cuban Big Band includes over 25 members. Orquesta Estelar play all the Cuban classics, in a variety of venues, from upscale West End clubs (e.g Café de Paris), to diplomatic & cultural events.

Sara McGuinness & Elpidio Caicedo lead a stunning band line-up, setting the Festival stage alight with cha cha cha, son, mambo & Latin jazz, in original arrangements that showcase every instrument in the band.

Singing with Orquesta Estelar developed Emma as a performer, & gave her a deeper love & appreciation for Latin music.

Additionally, Emma lived in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba for 9 months, where she trained with the internationally acclaimed choir, Música Áurea. This was an incredible experience & further developed Emma’s understanding of how vocals can be used as a percussive instrument.

Furthermore, Emma spent 8 months between 2018 & 2019 living in Salvador, Brazil. As well as studying Afro-Brazilian dances, Emma took a series of percussive workshops led by the late world-renowned composer & conductor, Letieres Leite.

Inspired by locals rhythms, Emma wrote Saudade, Saudade Unplugged & Ontem in Brazilian Portuguese about past & current love, which were released in January & May 2021.

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Emma has been lucky enough to travel to over 60 countries to date, & always tries to absorb as much local music as possible on her travels.

Emma will continue to incorporate inspiration from her global explorations into her much-anticipated forthcoming EP in 2022.

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