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Emma’s currently writing her first solo album which is being released throughout 2021. The first “soulful, Latin-infused pop” singles, Out The Door, Saudade UnpluggedSaudade, Nostalgia, Ontem, Love Wasn’t Enough & Though The Storm have received positive international acclaim. Not Forgetting will be released on Sept. 23rd, What If will be released on Oct. 28th 2021 & Revolutionise is TBC.

Nostalgia was recently reviewed on BBC Radio Sheffield as a “gorgeous, sensual track” by presenter Ellie Colton.

Emma’s music has been streamed millions of times worldwide & her evocative voice is still finding new fans.

Emma Saville is an emotive British singer/songwriter based between London & Sheffield, UK.

Having relaunched as an independent artist in December 2020, Emma’s “soulful, Latin-infused pop” has received highly positive international acclaim.

Emma’s best known for her chillout / downtempo single, Be as One. Produced by MinusBlue, the original & several remixes are on over 200 compilations worldwide with over 5 million combined streams on YouTube & 2 million on Spotify [13 Feb 21].

This highly successful track & 5 others (Ocean Sky, Close Your Eyes, Souvenir, Sweet Harmony & In Your Arms) were incorporated into MinusBlue’s first album, Clear Blue Eyes.

Emma’s music has been streamed millions of times worldwide, & her distinctive voice is still finding new fans.”

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