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Emma’s music’s been streamed millions of times in 143 countries worldwide. Her evocative voice is still finding new fans, Emma has a combined following of over 28k.

Emma released her debut solo album throughout 2021. The “soulful, Latin-infused” singles, Out The Door, Saudade UnpluggedSaudade, Nostalgia, Ontem, Love Wasn’t Enough, Though The Storm, Not Forgetting,What If Here & Now & Here & Now Unplugged have received positive international acclaim.Stay tuned for new releases in 2022.

BBC Radio Sheffield presenter Ellie Colton reviewed Nostalgia as a “gorgeous, sensual track“.

Emma Saville is an emotive singer/songwriter based between London & Sheffield, UK. She has performed across the UK, & in Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Cuba & New Zealand.

Having relaunched as an independent artist in December 2020, Emma’s “soulful, Latin-infused power ballads”  & “hip hop-soul fusion” tracks have received positive praise from around the world.

Her distinctive voice has been featured multiple times on BBC Radio Sheffield/other outlets, & is still finding new fans.

Combining thought-provoking lyrics, emotive storytelling and “breathtakingly beautiful vocals”, Emma creates music that “moves the head, heart and feet”. She aims to articulate emotions through her songs that cannot be expressed by words alone

Emma writes empowering songs about love, loss & overcoming life’s obstacles. Her sultry music is a rich blend of soul, hiphop & R&B, with folk & Latin influences. Emma’s voice has been described as “powerful with an impressive range” & compared to that of Sade & Freya Riding.

Emma’s best known for her single, Be as One. Produced by MinusBlue, the original & several remixes are on over 200 compilations worldwide with over 6 million combined streams on YouTube & 2 million on Spotify [18 March 2022].

This highly successful track & 5 others (Ocean Sky, Close Your Eyes, Souvenir, Sweet Harmony & In Your Arms) were incorporated into MinusBlue’s first album, Clear Blue Eyes. The album also features Just One Day by platinum-winning artist, Sarah Jay Hawley.

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