Looking for a singer/songwriter/band for your wedding or event?

We provide professional performances for:

– weddings

– gigs / festivals

– parties / themed events

– birthdays / anniversaries

– corporate events / office functions

…and much more

What To Expect

Professional Entertainment

We provide friendly, feel-good, high-quality, high-energy performances, collaborating with professional musicians, venues/businesses and a range of other organisations.

All Emma’s musicians have extensive experience working in a variety of public / private entertainment and work-based settings. 

We engage audiences as appropriate, creating the right kind of atmosphere for your event (whether it’s a small intimate gig, a wedding, or a festival).

Tailored Packages to Suit Your Needs

We understands that each client has their own particular focus and individual requirements.

Emma plays guitar / ukulele and also performs to some backing tracks. She performs solo, or is accompanied by her all-female band/established local musicians (budget dependent).

Emma’s band can perform with live:

  • guitar (electric and/or acoustic)
  • bass and/or double bass
  • drum kit/percussion
  • saxophone
  • piano
  • cello

30-120min multilingual sets

We can perform a variety of different sets in Spanish/Portuguese/English, 30-120mins in length (150+ covers and/or originals, acoustic, singer/songwriter, Latin-infused, upbeat, mixed mood etc.), tailored to fit your event(s).

Emma can perform over an hour of original music, or much longer if including covers.

We have our own transport and all our own equipment (amps, mixer, mics/stands etc.) if required.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Upcoming/Recent Events

Emma’s had recent successful headline/performances by herself, or with her band, at: The Leadmill main stage, Tramlines Fringe Festival, The Dorothy PaxTogether In The Square (Sheffield Theatres festival), Peddler Market, Leopold Sq, Steel City Soul Festival @ SADACCA, Bungalows & BearsKommune, The Porter Cottage, Cafe9 & Cubanas, amongst others.


DINA Venue, Sheffield [Emma Saville, Nasa Parka, Gemma Gray, Jemma Rosenthal, Rachel Shomer]


The Leadmill [Spit N Strings, Boon & Ashley Martindale, Emma Saville, Charlotte Branson, Sarinity Jones, Jemma Rosenthal, Udagan]


The Washington, Sheffield [Emma Saville, Nasa Parka, The December Flowers]


Bungalows & Bears, Sheffield [The AV Club, Emma Saville, Marples, Nasa Parka]


The Porter Cottage, Sheffield [Emma Saville, April-Ess, Olivia Tingle


West Street Live, Sheffield [Sarinity Jones, RAINZ, Luke Ledwood, Emma Saville, Colly Kamili, Sheff Lyrical + more]


Peddler Market, Sheffield [Cartdor, Emma Saville, Jordon The Ego, Kid Blu3, Nathaniel Short]


The Dorothy Pax, Sheffield [Emma Saville, Charlotte Branson, The December Flowers]


Steel City Soul Festival @ SADACCA, [Franz Von, Otis Mensah, ProBeatz, Emma Saville, Rumbi Tauro, Chozen 1ne, Jemma Rosenthal]


Fargate, Sheffield (Fundraising for Christian Aid)


Cubanas, Sheffield (guest singing for The Dizzy Club)


Kommune, Sheffield


Cafe#9, Sheffield, [Soundscape Session #4, Souls Liberation feat. Emma Saville] 


West Street Live, Sheffield [JunkBond, Emma Saville, Tommy Binks, Chris Murphy]


The Dorothy Pax, Sheffield [Souls Liberation feat. Emma Saville]


Cubanas, Sheffield (guest singing for The Dizzy Club)


Cafe#9, Sheffield, [Soundscape Session #3, Souls Liberation feat. Emma Saville]


gorgeous, sensual
– Ellie, Colton, BBC Radio Sheffield  

an example of [Emma’s] breadth of inspirations all amalgamated…featuring sultry vocals…and graceful melody to affairs.
– Chris Hallam, Sheffield Star Newspaper

“Wow. What a powerful voice & amazing vocal range. An obvious comparison is Sade, great tone! Such a great performance.” 
– Matt, Fourth City

“[Emma’s] giving me Freya Riding vibes. Breathtaking, soaring vocals & harmonies. Gave me goosebumps. Emma should be selling out stadiums.”  
– Jess, South Yorkshire Singers